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Logging In

To get started and log in for the first time simply use your login details from your Welcome email. Once you’ve logged in you will be asked to set up a unique password. Keep this NEW PASSWORD safe and use it to log in when you want to use Doodle Transfer.

For security reasons we only keep your browser session active for 5 minutes. If there is no activity within this time we automatically lock down the service and you will be asked to log back in if you wish to continue using Doodle Transfer.

If you’ve already logged in, and have forgotten your new password, you can always generate a new password by asking to reset it. Remember, your username will be the email address used initially.

Receiving Data

You will receive an email notifying you that a file has been sent. This data file is encrypted as it is sent to you and will be unencrypted once you download it. Once you download the file you will not be able to download it again. If it is corrupt or something goes wrong, please contact the sender of the file.

To download a file you just log in using your credentials, you will notice Doodle Transfer will indicate you have something waiting for you in the ACTIVITY section. Click on ACTIVITY and hit the download button next to the file. This will save your document into your download folder or desktop.

Once you have used or processed the data please ensure you delete locally from your computer.

Sending Data

Log in using your credentials. You can send up to five files at a time and send to one recipient, the maximum combined total file size of 2GB. Add your data files by dragging and dropping the files into the transfer file area (or just click the blue cross to open your documents) and select from there.

First you will be asked to give your file a name, such as Customer Prospect Data January, as an example. The next step is to select the company you wish to send the data to (either an internal transfer or an external supplier). Then select the recipient from the list supplied. If your recipient or company does not feature please contact your Doodle Transfer administrator by email and ask them to set up the recipient and associate them to a company, just click here to contact your administrator.

Finally remember you can personalise the transfer by adding a message of your choice, such as simple instructions you wish the recipient to receive.


In here you will see a permanent record of all the files you have either sent or received. The activity section records all transfers in a dashboard and also allows you to download the activity in CSV format.

My File Has Expired

All files are set to expire after a certain time. This time is set by the person who has sent you a data file. If it has expired before you have been able to download it, and you still need it, you should contact the sender directly and ask them to resend you the file.

My File Was Deleted By The Sender

This can happen if the person who has sent you the data has decided to delete it for some reason. If you think you still need the file, contact the sender.

I’ve Downloaded a File That Has Subsequently Been Deleted

Should you download a file and then receive a notification from the sender that they have deleted it you must destroy your original file as the sender might have sent you some incorrect data or no longer wishes you to use the data.

Slow Download

This could be for many different reasons. However, the most common reason is outages in Wi-Fi speeds. Try to refresh your browser and access the file again for download. If the file is very large, it might take time to download, so bare this in mind.

If the speed is too slow to bare please let us know by clicking here and explaining the problem to us.

Got Doodle Transfer

About Doodle Transfer Data

Doodle Transfer was developed by The Whole Caboodle as a solution to the issues thrown up by GDPR. It is used daily by many UK businesses and it keeps a record of all your sensitive data transfers.

The country’s fastest growing GDPR compliant transfer tool.

Secure and affordable data transfer between your colleagues and third party suppliers is only moments away. If you think your company would benefit from its own version of Doodle Transfer here are some reasons why you should act today.

  • Ensure confidential data is encrypted as you send it
  • Bank level secure encryption
  • Send confidential electronic documents securely to your colleagues or third party suppliers quickly and easily
  • Full electronic log of all electronic data movements
  • GDPR compliant
  • You cannot rely on FTP, SFTP to send confidential or personal data
  • Prices start from just £25 per month!

Prices start from just £25 per month and we offer full support and training. Contact our network teamand they will show you how easy it is to set up your own version.

Be Safe. Be Secure. Be Compliant.

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